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Friday Family Fun Activities
We want to offer you some things you can do together as a family. Some of these things can be a one time only, and some of them can become part of your family’s regular routine of growing closer together in the Lord!
Each of the pictures is a link (except for the Palm Sunday pics).
This  Sunday is Palm Sunday. Here are some fun projects your family can do as you go thru the significance of Palm Sunday. You can also rewatch our 04.01.20 Family Worship on our YouTube page (Just go to the main page and click on watch sermons online). Our family used our door to show the community it’s Palm Sunday. Be creative!
Access a free weekly set of activities for your family to do as you journey thru life and bring the Bible into it!
Here is a Bible Scavenger hunt you can print off or just view it and write your answers seperately.
We always encourage you to be creative and do things unique to your family, but for those of us who stare at children after 5 minutes without a clue of what to do next, here is a list of fun, easy to do activities at home!
Boys Town has created a great list of activities online for your whole household to do! Check it out.
Do you have a budding artist at home? Here are a TON of coloring pages from the Bible you can print!
Sunday School Materials
Click on this image to access the Adult Bible Studies
for Life April 5th Sunday School Lesson on Revelation 21.
Click on this image to access an Elementary Bible Study
for April 5th Sunday School on making wise choices.
Youth, download the Zoom app or go to
and “Join a Meeting” using Meeting ID 6861634750
for Sunday School at 9:45am on April 5th.
Tuesday/Thursday Apologetics Class
Click HERE for Session One Notes